Happy 17th Birthday, Pooch.

Today is Pooch's 17th birthday. 17 years is quite impressive for a dog. Pooch is not just a dog to us. He is a beloved family member. He is a friend. He is our baby now that our two-legged babies don't want to babied any more. He is a source of happiness. He is an inspiration. He is a key that has opened up our hearts to all animals and living creatures. He is our source of empathy. We feel very blessed to have had this little boy in our lives for so long. He truly is an important part of our family and he is very loved.

Those who know me know that I always give Pooch a birthday party and this year was no exception. In fact, this year was extra special given his advanced age and the health scares he's been through recently. This past year, Pooch's vision has deteriorated. He regularly walks into furniture and walls. He was very sick recently to the point that we thought we were going to lose him and we have since found out that Pooch has kidney failure. But with some meds, a new diet, and even Reiki healing, he is feeling much better now and has re-gained a pep in his step. Don't count this little boy out. His will to live is strong. He still has joy and happiness in his life and a big source of that happiness is his new companions Harley and Molly that we adopted this Fall. They have helped tremendously in boosting his energy and keeping him active. He always wants to out-walk them and he always does. He leads the pack and they are happy to let him.

So we look back at this past year and we can't help but be thankful for our Pooch. He is a special boy and we will continue to love him and dote on him for as long as he is with us. Here are pictures from Pooch's birthday celebration. We celebrated with family and friends who adore him. We had a doggie cake made by Bon A-Pet-Treat! Pet Bakery as well as dog cookies and human cakes made by Mama Nayla......and as you will see in a photo below, the teenage boys could not resist trying the peanut butter banana dog cookies! Lol! xoxo