A summer evening walk

For all those who know me, you know that my dog Pooch is the light of my life. He is my first baby. He is now a 16.5 year old bichon shih tzu who is still full of spunk and life. He is my first dog and I am finding it really hard to watch him age. I am so thankful that he has not had any major health issues, just the usual ear infections and bladder infections that are expected at his age. However, this week has been hard. I have started noticing that he is going blind or is already blind. He is starting to bump into walls, he doesn't know where the door is to go outside, he is fearful of going down the stairs, and he is just relying more and more on us to carry him around the house. One thing that has not changed is his love for walks. The weather in Calgary has thankfully been very good this summer so we have enjoyed many walks. At every walk I stop and reflect and say a little thank you that we are having another walk with Pooch. The other evening, my husband and I were out for a walk with Pooch and our doggie guests Harley and Molly. Pooch's face is so happy while he is on his walks. We decided to let him off leash so he can have a bit more freedom to walk at his own pace and sniff things along the path. We expected Pooch to stay close to us because for a dog his age, he doesn't move very fast. But to our surprise, as soon as we let him loose, he ran like the wind. His ears flopped in the breeze and his smile was beaming. For a few minutes, I saw the Pooch that I remembered from a few years back. My heart was happy. I felt so pleased that Pooch still has that joy in him. I pray to see that smile more often. It's hard seeing my baby age, but moments like this is what I hope to have more of. This photo capture is priceless to me. Please don't forget to treasure every moment with your pet. And capture it in pictures.